I have to announce my presence!

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Re: I have to announce my presence!

robogobo wrote:

I think you shouldn't worry about the warranty. You got a very good lens for $400 cheaper, and if you don't like the situation, you could get your money back and get a new one with a warranty. Warranties cover very few problems anyway.

Just go shoot, man.

I hear you. And I've been pretty tore up over this situation. It was hard to take that lens off the camera.

BUT... it looks like the situation is going to be resolved thanks to the intervention of a third party. I just can't cotton to the idea that I've waited all these years to shoot with Leica gear, Leica LENSES being a very large part of that, and now I'm going to go out and shoot another lens on a new Leica M7. After having a Summicron on there that I could have ended up paying $450 less than the $1995 they go for, AND a silver one, no less, when I've now learned that Leica will only manufacture silver 'crons on a special order basis. This is going to still cost me more than a thousand dollars difference from the Zeiss, but I can't pass on this. The way that Leica lens looked and felt on my M7 is something that I would never forget. I'd be freaking despising this camera store forever which is incredibly unhealthy. I'd have to blog about them, etc. lol!

And then there's this. You have a deal like that sitting on the table and you walk away from it. Jeez the first price I got it for was $300 less than they go for, subtract another $150 from that, but you leave a deal like that on the table and THEN... go into another camera store, wait your turn for the Leica salesman, and then... THEN you run smack dab into the brick wall that is Leica new lens prices. So now you're in pain again. Heck with all that noise. I'm going back for my 50 'cron at this great deal.

As far as "Just go shoot, man." I've been shooting, bud. I put a quarter of a million shutter releases on my first DSLR, the D70 before the shutter quit, had a five year warranty on it and kept on shooting it. I completely wore out one D80 and put 30K releases on another. I don't know how many I put on my D2Hs. I have now right around 150k shutter clicks on my D3. So I'm a shooter.

Shooting a Leica film camera will be for personal use and I can't wait to go pick that 50 cron back up and mount it on the M7 where I doubt it will ever come off. Next thing I'll get is a M9 and I'll probably put a 35 Summarit on that. That's when and if I'm ever able to afford that kit.

But having this Leica stuff has completely fired my mind. I'm thinking of going to downtown LA tomorrow for the big May Day demonstrations which are going to be highly charged politically and potentially even violent. I would never go work something like that on spec, carrying heavy Nikon pro lenses just for my own personal collection of images. But as a fly on the wall with a Leica? Yeah. I'm thinking about grabbing some images for my new blog. Start showing up at events like that and record some history on film with my camera. Anyway.

Stay tuned.

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