OT: DVD-RW Drive recommendations?

Started Oct 2, 2002 | Discussions thread
Chris Maddock Senior Member • Posts: 2,282
Re: Pioneer 104

SASand wrote:

I'm surprised more people haven't mentioned the Pioneer 104 DVD-RW
drives. Internal drives ship with DVD-RW equipped Macs and, I
believe, Compacs. There are a lot of companies that OEM it, or sell
it under the Pioneer label. I bought an external firewire model
from OtherWorldComputing and it has performed flawlessly. They used
to ship it with a DVD enabler that allowed iDVD to recognize it,
but with Jaguar, Apple reconfigured the OS so that iDVD won't see

The 104 is a great drive - I'm very happy with mine.

In case people aren't aware, though, it does have (or will have) a serious problem with some of the newer 2x DVD blanks that are due to become available. Apparently it can lock up trying to assess the blank DVD-Rs capabilities and can burn out both the blank and the drive!!!
A firmware update is required, available from Pioneer's website at;


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