Not impressed with Olympus's New Firmware Updater

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Re: Store return bins still full of dead Olympus cameras

dbledsoe wrote:

I didn't create the "inflammatory subject headline."

Sure, and I didn't mean to imply that you did.

You can research here on DPR and find quite a few instances of Oly 4/3rds cameras bricked after a failed update due to the camera being shut off, loss of connection, etc. before the update was complete. The same applies to the PEN series as is specifically warned about by Olympus in the upgrade process i.e., "Do not touch any buttons or shut the camera off before the upgrade is complete."

This is true of any firmware update though, which all carry the risk of bricking. I'm sure you're not supposed to turn off or press any buttons on a Nikon or Canon either. I guess your point here is that there's an extra point of failure with the Oly needing a computer to run the firmware update, I'm happy to concede that point, as I never said otherwise. I just contested the idea (made by 24MP, rather than yourself), that Oly's firmware upgrade system was causing mass brickings, and that a dropped internet connection during the upgrade would cause a bricking (which was mentioned in this sub thread, and as I pointed out, is not true).

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