please comment on the exposure of these two shots

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Andreas Helke Senior Member • Posts: 1,204
Re: please comment on the exposure of these two shots

The first one looks overexposed to me. I would reduce the exposure in post processing. You could use fill light in lightroom or any other decent photo editing program to selectively bring back the brightness in the dark parts. The other two photos look ok to me but could also be minimally brighter.

The following photo before and after doing lightroom adjustments show what you can achieve with fill light. The photo was taken with strong back light and the sun in the frame. Fill light brougth the exposure of the landscape to a correct level without blowing out the sky. The disadvantage of this method is that it makes the existing noise much more visible. Dark parts of the image have a lot of noise even at ISO 100. If they stay dark the noise is mostly invisible. After using fill light the existing noise actually becomes visible.

Your first photo could be easily fixed with this treatment. You would need much less fill light that will not yet lead to noise problems.

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