Lighting and focusing?

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Barrie Davis
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Focus on the NEARER eye...

Focus on the nearer eye. Naturally, if the eyes are equidistant they should both be fully sharp.

The amount of light falling on the respective eyes is neither here nor there, although the shot will tend to look better if the light is even across them both. If the light isn't even across the two eyes of your subject, that is the first thing to fix... [!]

.... and you sort out the business of focusing on the nearer eye, afterwards.

Note that the single person head shot is one of those few subjects that can be shot at wide open aperture, and not look bad at all..... but it DOES have to be the nearer eye.

If you are going to stop down to more usual apertures [f/4 - f/5.6 - f/8] there isn't any reason to change where you focus.... (still the nearer eye)

Well, I'll see your Cher, and your Streisand... and I'll raise you an Alice Babs!

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