Bletchley Park

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Bletchley Park

If you're interested in WW2 code-breaking or the early history of computing, a trip to Bletchley Park is a must. Here are some snaps I took during my recent visit.

A view of the mansion as seen as you enter Station X, as this top secret establishment was once known.

Complex electro-mechanical devices like this were used to try to work out the original settings of the Enigma machine used to encrypt an intercepted message.

Some of the old buildings now house the museum.

Our guide explains the contribution of the Colossus computer to breaking the codes used by the German high command. This is a working rebuild of the original Colossus MK2.

Alan Turing, without whose pioneering work we might not now be having this conversation on our computers.

For further information you may find these sites useful:

A summary of the work of Bletchley Park during WW2

Bletchley Park web site

Tony Sale’s site about code-breaking at Bletchley Park

Alan Turing, Codebreaker and Computer Pioneer

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