MF assist - EP vs. GF

Started Apr 27, 2010 | Discussions thread
OP Eden Yip Senior Member • Posts: 2,059
Re: MF assist - EP vs. GF

good pt.. but i think the workflow to MF with the VF or the back LCD would be quite different... half press the shutter to return to the normal view is logical in my opinion.

Buchan Grant wrote:

The EP2 required you to click an OK button on the back of the camera in order for you to return the magnified view to normal view (something most people want to do after precisely focusing in order to recompose). The action of pressing this button necessitates the weight of the camera to shift to your left hand and what's that doing? its holding on to the focusing ring, so often by the time you have hit the shutter you have lost focus, its a crazy system and one which they should be able to address in a firmware update if they have the will.

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