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Re: Dear Alex

I'll be the first to say I'm not particularly impressed. A flower shot and a half-focused gay pride flag in your short-list of "Aren't you impressed?" shots? One would think for all the talking you do you'd come up with something a bit more representative of photographic skill.


Roland Mabo wrote:

RogerMexico wrote:

What is interesting though is why Roland hasn't responded.

I haven't responded because I did not see your posting until now. You can't expect me to respond to something I haven't read yet!

You are of course corret, I never take an image. I just enjoy playing with my gear, touching it, feeling the sensations from the texture, watching the viewfinder, playing with the settings just for the sake of fun, and every time I see the blue shing On on my K-x, I feel pure joy and happiness. Now, if I only could take my DA 35 Limited to heaven when it is time for me to leave...

Here is some non-images from a non-photographer who just talks and never uses his gear. Maybe you would find them interesting.

Now, isn't it time for you to apologise?

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