Recommended Geotrackers?

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Re: Recommended Geotrackers?

The time stamp is what correlates the image to the location. Basically, you synchronize the calendar/clock in the GPS unit with the camera's calendar / clock. Then, the software will grab the time stamp in each image, and find for the closest match to the GPS track log, then copy the lat./ long. coordinates to the EXIF in the image. You can adjust the time tolerance (and also adjust the frequency of the "bread crumbs" - the track detai when you set up the tracking log). I find that about every 5 to 10 minutes is fine on a walking trip. My GPS is typically accurate down to about a 9 foot radius. The other trick I can do with my Garmin GPSMap 76 CSx is to press a button and create a named "waypoint" at any time, which records the location. Handy when you find points of interest or trail heads (or where you parked your car). And if you get tired, you can tell the GPS to give you directions back to any waypoint. You can also transfer the lat./long. coordinates from a waypoint to a photo even if you weren't recording a track. I will sometimes do that when I find an interesting view on the way to somewhere; then I get out and take the picture, secure in the knowledge that I can tag the photo (and come back to it at some future date). I've also marked the location of animal dens, bird nests, etc.

Regarding your specific needs, just start a "track" at the beginning of your hike, and stop it at the end. The software will only use those track points it needs to tag the photos. Your approach is what I started out with, but now I find myself taking advantage of the other capabilities in the GPS mapper.

Why I posted all this detail is because I'm advocating the consideration of a full-fledged GPS unit, as opposed to a device limited to geotagging. When I did the research for my purchase, the limited devices were about $90; I paid about $325 for the more capable unit.

CameraCarl wrote:

Can you clarify if this process correlates each image taken to a specific set of coordinates? It seems that you are tracking the route of the hike/drive you took then somehow linking the coordinates to where you were when you took each image. Is there some kind of a date/time correlation between the camera and the GPS unit that does this? I am looking for a simple solution that somehow registers a set of coordinates for each image that I take. When I do fall color photography I roam randomly over logging roads stopping when I see a picture. I really don't need to know what route over back country roads that I took, only that I stopped "here" or "there" to take a picture.

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