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Re: Recommended Geotrackers?

This is a bit off topic for the thread, but the information is absolutely fantastic!

The (simple) line "exiftool -geotag filename.gpx .CR2" is what I needed most, and the rest is saved for future use and study.

Again, thanks a lot for that information!


harrygilbert wrote:

I place this line in a batch file, in a directory containing my photos to be tagged, and a copy of EXIFTOOL.EXE. I then run in batch file in MS-DOS or CMD mode:

exiftool -geotag filename.gpx .CR2

You can substitute " .TIF" or " .JPG" for " .CR2"

You can rename the EXIFTOOL.EXE to include the arguments and drag files onto it within Windows Explorer:

exiftool(-geotag filename.gpx).exe

Be sure you have the latest EXIFTOOL which has the "geotag" command.

There are other EXIFTOOL commands that allow you to place a specific coordinate set, or modify the time shift (from GMT) or the variance between track time and photo time. See the EXIFTOOL command documentation.

-geotag TRKFILE
Geotag images from the specified GPS track log file. Using the
-geotag option is equivalent to writing a value to the "Geotag"
tag. After the -geotag option has been specified, the value of the
"Geotime" tag is written to define a date/time for the position
interpolation. If "Geotime" is not specified, the value is copied
from "DateTimeOriginal". For example, the following two commands
are equivalent:

exiftool -geotag track.log image.jpg
exiftool -geotag "-Geotime

When the "Geotime" value is converted to UTC, the local system
timezone is assumed unless the date/time value contains a timezone.
Writing "Geotime" causes the following 8 EXIF tags to be created:
GPSLatitude, GPSLatitudeRef, GPSLongitude, GPSLongitudeRef,
GPSAltitude, GPSAltitudeRef, GPSDateStamp and GPSTimeStamp.
Alternately "XMP:Geotime" may be written to create the following 5
XMP tags: GPSLatitude, GPSLongitude, GPSAltitude, GPSAltitudeRef
and GPSDateTime.

The "Geosync" tag may be used to specify a time correction which is
applied to each "Geotime" value for synchronization with GPS time.
For example, the following command compensates for image times
which are 1 minute and 20 seconds behind GPS:

exiftool -geosync=+1:20 -geotag a.log DIR

Multiple -geotag options may be used to concatinate GPS track log
data. Also, a single -geotag option may be used to load multiple
track log files by using wildcards in the TRKFILE name, but note
that in this case TRKFILE must be quoted on most systems (with
the notable exception of Windows) to prevent filename expansion.
For example:

exiftool -geotag "TRACKDIR/ .log" IMAGEDIR

Currently supported track file formats are GPX, NMEA RMC/GGA/GLL,
KML, IGC, Garmin XML and TCX, and Magellan PMGNTRK. See "GEOTAGGING
EXAMPLES" for examples. Also see geotag.html in the full ExifTool
distribution and the Image::ExifTool Options for more details and
for information about geotag configuration options.

Ludvig wrote:

Exiftool is used by many programs, and also with the one I use: GPicSync. I have tried to use exiftool directly from the command prompt, but I haven't figured out how to write the string to geotag.

I would appreciate very much if you could write the string you use here so I could test it out. I have studied the exiftool website, but still can't write the correct string.



harrygilbert wrote:

I debated among the various units dedicated to photo geotagging, and opted instead for a Garmin GPSMap 76CSx. This unit has proven extremely versatile and useful. I can track by time unit or distance unit, as well as navigate, backtrack when hiking, and get directions and find food, fuel, and lodging when driving to/from shoots. I bought an external Gilsson antenna and carry case and hang the GPS from a D-ring on my vest. The antenna attaches to a metal clip on the shoulder of my vest (or suctions to a window in the car). Not only do I get the benefit of geotagging photos, but I can look at the color, illuminated display and see where I am when driving or hiking.

To geotag photos, I merely save the track as a .GPX file, and use EXIFTOOL to transfer the coordinates to my files (works with RAW, TIF, and JPG files equally well).

Another nice benefit is the ability to use the mapping software that comes with the unit to create a map of my trek, as well as draw an altitude profile, and calculate the distance I travel, speed, etc. Well worth the money.

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