Steve Jobs on Flash

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Steve Jobs on Flash

If anyone hasn't seen the many news articles about this yet, you can see Steve Jobs open letter about Flash here:

Personally, I don't like it when vendors try to control what I can or cannot load on a given platform (as Apple is apparently doing in this case).

But, I admire him for his position on Flash, since his stance on Flash should help to promote better, open source, alternatives (since Apple products like the iPhone and iPad are selling quite well now).

Hopefully, his stance will also help to reduce the number of photographers relying on Flash content for their Photo Albums (since users of some of those products can't view those albums), as the use of Flash is a huge negative from my perspective for a variety of reasons.

There are just too many web sites that are so "Flashy" (pun intended) that the presentation layer distracts from the photos.

Now, that's not to say that all Flash sites are that bad. But, IMO, many of them are, where you can't focus on the images being presented because of too many distractions from the way the content is being presented, not to mention resource requirements (memory, CPU, bandwidth requirements, etc.) and the potential for developers to to take advantage of yet to be identified security vulnerabilities in Flash (as vulnerabilities have been patched on a regular basis before).

I've been trying to be more tolerant of Flash based photo albums (whereas I'd often just close a browser tab or window when I went to a site using Flash in the past), as it's a popular way to present images now. But, I'd prefer almost any approach to Flash for viewing photo albums, as there are many other solutions out there now that don't require it.

I'm not a big Apple Fan (the most recent Apple product I still own is an old Apple II+, although I have owned a more modern Apple IIe in the past).

But, in this case, I'm with Steve Jobs. If Apple refuses to allow Flash Content on some of their devices, then we'll see better alternatives to it as time passes and more developers explore open source solutions (HTML5, etc.).

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