Recommended Geotrackers?

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Re: Recommended Geotrackers?

No, they do not log every time you press the shutter (if not connected via WFT). They are separate units set to log every 10 or 20 seconds or whatever you set them to.

If you use more than one camera, download the logfile to the folder for each camera and run the geotagging software to do the actual geotagging on the JPEG´s and/or RAW files.

It's a bit confusing how everything works, but another member here and myself made a procedure how to do this, step by step. So if you are interested, send me a mail.

There are many ways to do this, and everybody seems to have their own preferences both for GPS units and software.


CameraCarl wrote:

Do the Qstarz and Wintec record a data point every time you push the shutter button? Or do they simply track where you have been walking or driving? I'm looking for a logger that only registers where each image is taken so I can easily incorporate that location in my exif data. I'm also limited in that only one of my three cameras has WFT, so I would like something that will work with all three bodies.

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