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Re: My findings!!

Martyn_Bannister wrote:

rattymouse wrote:

I didnt say the lens wasnt awesome. I'm a big fan of Fujinon lenses. All I said is that the lens has nothing to do with the reach of the HS-10. That's a fact. The lens is only a 126mm lens.

Sorry. I'm probably wrong. My physics comes from the days when I took "O" levels, rather than GCSE's but doesn't this lens have a 30x zoom range whatever the sensor size is? Thats the bit I find particularly impressive.

Yes, the 30X zoom range is unchanged.

I'm sure the size of the sensor and distance to the sensor comes into it somewhere too, when defining what gets projected onto it. But how one works out the "35mm equivalent" is a mystery to me.

It's a direct correlation to the size of the sensor as compared to a 35mm strip of film. Half the size? Then multiply focal length by 2 to get the 35mm equivalent. 1/4 the size? then multiply by 4.

Slap it on a larger sensor camera and it becomes a mild telephoto.

But a mild telephoto with an extremely wide wide angle end?

Yes, absurdly wide.

Let me give you another example. I have an S200EXR which has a lens that tops out at a focal length of 420 odd mms. Cant recall exactly. Yet I can sit not more than a few meters from one of my kids and take a shot of them at maximum zoom. It's a close up shot, but not a crazy close up.

I go to my SLR, and try to take a shot with a 300mm lens and I get much much much more magnification. From 2 meters away I can see veins in their eyes...and not much else.

A lens like the 300mm lens has real magnification. A lens like these Fuji bridge cameras, has enlargement power. They take a standard image, and then enlarge the heck out of it.

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