First proper day out with the HS10

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Re: My findings!!

Martyn_Bannister wrote:

rattymouse wrote:

All the reach from this camera comes from the sensor, not the lens. Remember, this is just a 126mm lens. Hardly an earth shattering focal length by any standard.

I'm sorry, but IMHO the lens is pretty awesome. To go from 4mm to 126mm with virtually no CA and minimal distortion and still keep the edges reasonably sharp? JUST a 126mm lens. No way! Pretty darned impressive I reckon.

I didnt say the lens wasnt awesome. I'm a big fan of Fujinon lenses. All I said is that the lens has nothing to do with the reach of the HS-10. That's a fact. The lens is only a 126mm lens. Slap it on a larger sensor camera and it becomes a mild telephoto.

BTW Dave, please let me know which teleconverter you use when you try it and how well it does. Also, I recommend u try the RAW + JPEG, I see significant improvments in my JPEGs in this mode, even after the firmware update. Many thanks.

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