First proper day out with the HS10

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Re: My findings!!

I find these lens also impressive... i don't own an hs10 but looking at the samples available on internet the only issue i can point out is that at widest angles anything not in center will always be a bit soft... ... but it's quite sharp at 720mm equivalent :3

Lens aside, a more clever use of buffer memory would be nice, i read the manual of hs10, and like many people state, page 19 points out that is possible in some extent to take more shots while the previous are being saved... i also read that is possible to interrupt continuous shot burst and save the ones taken, can a hs10 owner tell me, if burst is interrupted, is it possible to take more shots, or you'll just have to wait to the previous burst to be saved?

I really need a camera ... i just wonder if hs10 is enough, or if i'll go all out and buy a dslr - i was thinking in a 550D + dual kit lens - just a curiosity, 550d with the 55-250mm lens at 250mm cropped at 10MP has an equivalent of 720mm (250mm x 1.6 x 1.8), am i right? - but there is always the price question... ...time (and money) will tell :/

Nice shots from the hs10, the sparrow one is quite nice

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