Why don't you just step back a bit for a crop body? compared to a FF.

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Re: Why don't you just step back a bit for a crop body? compared to a FF.

If you step back with the crop body you could fill the frame with the subject the same way... but objects in front of and behind the subject would not be the same size in both cases.


NYPD1985 wrote:

Okay can someone please enlighten me. For a 1.6 crop body like the Canon Rebels why don't you just take the shot with a few steps backward to get the result of a full frame? Maybe I am wrong so someone need to enlighten me. So for a full frame you take the picture and you can see a lot more than a 1.6 crop body. Okay now, so for a crop body like the 7D or rebel, why don't people just step back more in order to get everything in to the picture? For example if you take a picture from a full frame at 10 feet, wouldn't you get the same stuff in the picture with a rebel taken at 15 feet? Please tell me what am I missing, THANKS!

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