Shooting a nIght football game

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Re: Shooting a nIght football game

I tried a night football game on a HS field last night for the first time. It was poorly lit. I could only get 1/125th for the shutter speed with a D30 at 1600 ISO and a 70-200L IS at 2.8. In the begining of the game there was still a little daylight and I was able to shoot at f5.6 so I decided to try my 100-400L IS. It stayed on my camera for 1 play. There was not enough light for the AF to work properly even though I could shoot at f5.6. I wish I could have the reach of the 100-400L IS but it just doesn't let enough light in.

Sports with a D30/60 is hard enough when you have the right lens. It's impossible when you try to use the wrong lens. The 100-400L IS should work fine in daylight but won't work at all at night. I don't like the idea of using a flash. It's got to be distracting for the players unless it's used from the stands. A flash at field level is not professional.

Rudy Ramirez wrote:

This is my first post to this group and I'm hoping someone can lead
me in the right direction, I am weekend point and shoot guy. I own
an Olympus E-10, and just recently bought a Canon D-60, and a
100-400 lens to shoot night high school football games under
stadium lights. I am pretty dissapointed by some of the shots I'm
getting and I'm wondering if someone could give me some

I've been to 2 games, the first most of my shots came out dark and
somewhat out of focus, I was told to get a momopod, set the ISO @
800, aperture priority at f/5.6. Well I got great shots when no one
was moving but action shots were a well lit colorful blur. When I
switched to manual, I kept the aperture priority at f/5.6 and
increased the shutter speed. The focus got a little better but
eveything was dark again. I tried a lot of different settings
throughout the game but came away more confused. What am I doing
wrong? Sorry for the long post

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