50 or 85, somewhat confused here ...

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Re: 50 or 85, somewhat confused here ...

DOrtiz wrote:

Hi Guys!

I'm looking for a REALLY GOOD prime. So if you had to choose ONE of the following lenses to add to your arsenal, which one would it be and why (keeping in mind the FF body).

The Sigma 50/1.4. I have (had) all three (35L, 85L), but the Sigma 50 has the IQ (and then some), 1/4 the cost, and of course the most flexible focal length all around.

The 85L gives impressive results (a hair more impressive than the Sigma 50, if you limit yourself to portraits) but AF is slow, and it has issues with CA at wider apertures. The 35L is better for all-around use, but has serious issues with flare and CA (again) at wider apertures if you shoot in harsh lighting. A revised mark2 would probably do a better job, but it will never compete with the Sigma on price, and optically, for a f1.4 prime, the Sigma is as good as it gets.

At least give it a try before throwing money at the problem, it is a significant step up from the Canon 50/1.4 in every respect.

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