Is it time to split this forum : )

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Re: Is it time to split this forum : )

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

gfrensen wrote:

So there is just one way for you Barry: LEAVE SONY. When a brand does not make what you want you can do two things: complain for ever, or switch brands.

When Sony does not come out with a camera I like, I will take my losses and swithch, From then on I will be happy with my new toy and Sony and this forum will not swee me anymore...

All in good time

But you on the other hand are complaining over and over again about the same missing features. You can best switch brands It is better for you (You might be happy with your new choice. Sony is not listening to you. We can't help you, we can't change Sony, You can change brands.

So I should give up my Minolta equipment just like that..and lose rather a lot of cash in the process. Ok I'll ask Sony to help pay for that then!

Sony ows you nothing! You want to change brands, You are unhappy with the road Sony is going!

Sell now when you are right and Sony is going to the dogs you get some mony for your gear, when So0ny stops making DSLR the price of your gear will drop dramaticly Saying "I told you Sony would stop" won't change that!

Lol...I shoot film still and have no intentions of leaving A mount or dumping film bodies and lenses.

Did you notice? Sony stopt making A-mount film bodies? KM is out of that bussiness too! Your cameras will break you will have to change brands sooner or later (your words not mine) So better do it now, as said when you are right you will loose a lot mor monney then you do now!

Staying with Sony only will make you feel bad about the new decissions they malke!

Hey try this one..maybe Sony got it wrong..maybe for once I am actually right? Did that ever cross your mind?

Oh Barry but you are right in this! Never thought otherewise. for YOU Sony does a terrible job, but that is not true for everybody. Not everybody needs/wants thos missing functions! So you can be right and Sony can be in the same time....

Or maybe I'll start up a charity for Minolta users so we can fund a switch.

No need for that, you can sell all your KM/Sony gear for a reasonable price as long as Sony is in the bussiness, after that you'll oose lots more...

Getting rid of me won't solve the have to change Sony..time will teach them the lessons they have to learn.

Oh yes Barry when will you see that you are more of a problem then Sony is. You are not happy and complaining in every thread you enter. You are not helping people here, you only soak in your own selfpitty!

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