D70 and manual focus lenses - bad match?

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Re: Not a problem

cosmicnode wrote:

I have used this method even for motorsport with a 300 F2.8 with success. Most Nikon manual focus lenses are cheap high quality and you can sell them on for what you paid when you are finished with them . Try the 105 f2.5, 75-150 f3.5 amongst others. When you change camera bodies get a semi pro body like the D200 or newer and you will be able to correctly meter with them. Hope this helps you, enjoy


I mostly agree with you Mike, and impressed that you can manual focus any kind of sport. The 105 f2.5 is a great lens, and I've used it for landscape where I want that "smooth contrast" and to flatten out the compression. Cosmic should be careful if you buy a 75-150 E on ebay. Mine had absolutely no friction in the zoom ring whatsoever. I finally threw it away after tinkering with it and losing interest because of the effort to "jimmy" some stiffness into the barrel. I also liked the 28 f3.5. I got it cheap on ebay and it produced very nice tones. And check out old old Tamron MF SP90 f2.5. A very solid heavy lens with perfect optics even for FX (IMHO).

My eyesight is very poor but I also rely on the green light to focus with good success. If you're going to pick up a WA lens critical focusing isn't always necessary especially if you're stopping down the lens a bit. When I shoot with MF WA I almost always set the focus by the distance scale.

One minor tip; setup your D70 for 1/3 step EV rather than 1/2...simply to give yourself even a tad bit more wiggle room for fine tuning the exposure.

I'm off to shoot with the SP 90 with a D70 this evening. I'm always inspired by threads talking about equipment from the days of yore.

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