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Re: Sigma 70-200mm OS

Looleylaylow wrote:

Bad analogy, I think. The 80-200 was introduced in 1992; you're comparing an 18 year-old design with a brand new, state-of-the-art lens.

Perhaps so, but that 18 year old lens is still a gem, and just because it took Sigma until recently to have a comparable lens in their lineup doesn't invalidate the analogy.

Regardless, people pay what they pay for Nikon lenses because they are Nikon lenses. Sigma is overestimating their standing relative to Nikon if they price the 70-200 within a few hundred dollars of the 70-200 VR II.

I fail to see why people are claiming that $600 is not a big deal. $600 is still a lot of money, even if we're talking about spending $1700 on a lens. $1700 is still 30% less than the $2300 Nikkor, which is not insignificant.

Assuming the lens rates up there with the Nikon VR II, Sigma's bigger challenge in getting people to buy the new 70-200mm is going to be from their own 70-200mm without OS, and from the Nikon 80-200mm without VR. I think more people will just get the non-VR lens than will decide to spend the extra $600, at least in the market that Sigma had a chance to sell this lens to in the first place. The people who are already committed to spending more for the Nikon lens weren't going to suddenly change their minds after all.

It will be interesting to see how the lens tests out -- I initially was figuring that I'd end up just getting the non-OS version, but then a friend posted a photo on his blog, taken with the new Bigma OS plus the 2x teleconverter at 1000mm, and 1/10 of a second hand held. A work of art, the photo is not, but for a photo taken at 1000mm and 1/10 handheld to be even be postable... the Sigma OS looks pretty damn good, and made me rethink a little... As I said, I'm waiting to see how it tests out.

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