aperture 3 + iphone 09 = organization/management/archiving

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aperture 3 + iphone 09 = organization/management/archiving

Hey everyone!

as i start to get more and more serious with digital photography and my mac i am now encountering file management issues and storage problems.

with the amount of places to store and share photos now ( the iphotos / flickr / picasa / facebooks etc) it seems more important than ever to stay as organized as possible.

i was just wondering how do people utilize their folders / use of iphoto / aperture etc in making it a manageable workflow rather than just a bunch of similar programs that do this and that and store it wherever.

as of current i try to make iphoto my end result for most jpegs and quick shots straight out of the camera with aperture a place to store my .rws and always export to iphoto however i still find that tons of projects and file uploads still end up in just large unlabled folders on my desktop as "incoming photos" "untitled folder 3" " etc"

and lets not even talk about how many separate individual folders i have in my "pictures" folder.

just kinda wondered how you guys manage photos/workflow and the stuff you shoot from the personal captures, to storing work photos, to your next greatest piece of art.

thanks to all who reply in advance!


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