Sekonic L-758D problems with reflected spot operation (?)

Started Apr 20, 2010 | Discussions thread
Rogier Bos Regular Member • Posts: 203
Re: Verify

Captain Hook wrote:

Rogier Bos wrote:

OK - I am sorry too. In that case, I'd take it back to the store or contact Sekonic support.

Just to be sure:

If you also own a L-758D; does it work if you try the same thing with your Sekonic?

If have already filed a service request at the Dutch Sekonic distributor (= Mamiya). But in the past I had some bad experiences with them. More like no service at all...

I have verified this: my L-758DR (notice the R) works fine under the settings you describe. I would conclude your meter has a problem.

Where did you buy it? Can you bring it back to the dealer? The Dutch sekonic distributor works with a dealer network exclusively. They also do Profoto, so I can't believe they would render bad service...


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