This whole argument about the NEX is pretty irritating

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This whole argument about the NEX is pretty irritating

You have one camp that is comparing it to a DSLR but complaining that their DSLR accessories won't work on it.

You have another camp that claims it is to much like a DSLR and the lenses and other accessories such as the flash are to big.

Another camp is complaining that it does not have SSS built in while their doppelgangers are saying don't put in SSS it will make the camera to big.

To big, to small, my accessories won't work, my accessories will make it to big and unbalanced. sensor is going to be to big - to small, no built in viewfinder, gonna make me buy new lenses and those lenses are to big, hate the shape - love the shape.

This forum has some of the most ridiculous people posting here.

No this camera won't be perfect for YOU. Might be a good camera, might be a great camera, might be a really crappy camera but one thing for sure: It likely won't be exactly what YOU want.

Now why doesn't everybody just cool it and see what it actually is before condemning all the idiot designers/sales and marketing, market researchers etc. at Sony that know a LOT more than YOU do.

This NEX is not a DSLR FF/APSC/M4/3 type or a P&S type it is a new type of camera that could be perfect (maybe or maybe not) for a lot of people all over the world. Quit looking at it as to why you think Sony's people are such a bunch of idiots because they are not designing the perfect camera for YOU.

Some people here are trying to have a rational discussion about what the camera might be and might be good for - but please all you expert photographers and camera bashers just cool it until you see what it actually is and try to remember Sony is not designing this camera with YOU in mind. They are looking to expand there market into a new area and increase their overall share of the photography market - kudos to them for taking the chance.

I hope it is a good camera and works for them. To me looks like it has great possibilities.

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