Sigma 18-200 OS vs Canon 18-200 IS vs Canon 18-135 IS

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Re: Sigma 18-200 OS vs Canon 18-200 IS vs Canon 18-135 IS

hdx: I own/hate the Sigma 18-200 OS. I prefer to have image stabilization in a lens. On the 15-85 I might be missing on tele side. I'll take a look at the Tamron. Thanks for your interesting comments.

hdx08774 wrote:

I would avoid the Sigma 18-200mm like the plague... If you decide to go the Sigma route the 18-125mm or the 18-250mm are better options (with the 18-125 being the better of those two in terms of IQ).

The Canon 18-135mm has marginally better IQ than the 18-200mm, but that's not saying much. Neither of them are stellar performers (see reviews on,,, etc.).

If you want an excellent (understanding the trade-offs of a super zoom) travel lens, the Tamron 18-250mm I owned was very nice. It's inexpensive (only $296 at Beach Camera) and well made. The only negatives I observed were some zoom creep and the lack of IS (this may or may not be a big deal for you depending on what you shoot). If IS is a requirement, then I'd recommend the Tamron 18-270mm VC. I have not used this lens, but it outperforms the others you mentioned (according to reviews) it has an excellent IS system, and has won several awards (Best Travel Lens, etc.)

If you can live with a shorter focal length, the travel lens I use is the Canon EF-S 15-85mm. This is an amazing lens. It's sharp, well made, compact, and very nicely built. For me personally, the extra 3mm on the wide end is worth the sacrifice of 40mm on the long end. The range is very useful, it's USM, full time manual and has IS.

Let us know what you decide.

Carlos K wrote:

I've been having Canon crop cameras for more than 8 years, my first lens was a Canon 28-135IS, I was satisfied, but wanted more range, bought a Sigma 18-200 OS. Very poor quality, my photos seem kind out of focus.

Thinking of going back to Canon Lens, has anyone (real life, not lab) compared the Sigma 18-200 OS vs any Canon's (18-135 & 18-200)?

(I am an amateur photographer, looking for a travelling lens.)

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