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Re: Don't forget the Microsoft tax means...

xtforest wrote:

I spend my working day supporting Win/Mac/Linux boxes in a scientific/academic environment, and the overwhelming opinion amongst my IT colleagues (which include many Canikon photographers) is that Vista (and now Win7) is a chrome-plated turd, and we use all OSes to run and monitor our networks. In the last two years, we've seen many Windows-to-Mac switchers but none the other way (thanks Vista). We spend most (> 80%) of our time supporting & maintaining various flavours of Windows even though our installed Windows user base is 40% of total devices. Most of that time is spent dealing with virus/malware issues, despite rigorous administrative policies which attempt to mitigate these.

Vista sucked big time, which is why I skipped it completely. Win 7 is a completely different matter.

If Vista was the only OS available I might have given Mac a try, but it is not

That the most computer illiterate people use Windows by default doesn't help on its reputation either.

You can defend your position as you see fit, as misguided as most trenchant Windows users do, with the usual "fanboy" arguments.

If I called OS-X a chrome plated turd, would you call me a fanboy?
I am sure you have heard the term used before?

I'm happy to cite my own experience based on my interactions with a 500+ user base over the last 5 years.

I know people using Mac's and Linux machines and have seen them get hanging programs and stability issues as well.

When I hear someone describing their choice of software/hardware as completely problem free I know rational debate is useless. Nothing in life is perfect, OS's included.

Sorry if pure functionality offends you.

It doesn't. I enjoy it every single day

Happy snappin...

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