Sekonic L-758D problems with reflected spot operation (?)

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Either 'm' or 's' or ' '

Rogier Bos wrote:

Yeah, I think this is where your problem comes in. Your dial has been turned so far you are in the film-light metering range.

Sorry, I wasn't explicit enough.
'm' when T is in minutes,
's' when T is in seconds
' ' when T is in 1/seconds.
Either setting gives the same error 'Eu'

Even worse, this would only apply if I select 'T' mode, when I put it in 'F' mode, the T value should be measured by the Sekonic. But it doesn't; it also displays 'Eu'

Even if I maximize all exposure settings. Like maximum ISO value, longest exposure time (T in several seconds/minutes) the F value is still displaying 'Eu' while it should display 'Eo' with this kind of sensitivity. The same thing applies when I select a large aperture (F = 1) and let the Sekonic measure the T value; always 'Eu'.

But, again, as soon as I turn the knob from reflected spot operation to incident operation OR just select flash mode (either 'flash/c' symbol), it works ok. ???

Does that help?

No, sorry.

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