a bit of advice please

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Not sure about there lights but...

they have good soft boxes for the money. Probably made in China I would guess.

Any studio lighting is going to be a manual exposure thing. That is really what you want. You can get speedlights and place them off camera for TTL but not for that kind of money. Plus with proper lights you will get better results.

For a hobby home system these may be a good buy to try out. At 300wS (150wS per light) they won't be a good outdoor light but for a basement or living room setup, might be a good way to learn lighting.

You will need a decent hand held light (flash) meter to do it right. You will also need to read up on ratios to understand good lighting. Sounds complicated but it really isn't after you do it and understand it. That free DVD that comes with it may cover some of this.

Check out my website and look at my portfolio, I used one to 5 lights in the portraits. My outdoor portraits are just one light and/or a reflector. The late sun is your friend

Good luck

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