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Re: Extreeme Macro

Gord SW Ont wrote:

Most of the better extreme macros are taken with a Canon MPE65 lens (1X-5X) and a modified macro flash.

For examples, search for "John K" (Kimbler) or Dalantech ... http://nocroppingzone.blogspot.com/

or "Lord V" ... http://lordv.smugmug.com/

Pretty amazing stuff - but lots of work, patience and talent required.

These guys hang on the fredmiranda.com macro forum and are always willing to share info.

That Canon MPE65 is an amazing lens and if I could snag one at a decent price I'd buy a Canon body to go with it.

There are lots of solutions - tubes, a 50mm 1.4 with a reversing ring, etc. In addition to patience and talent, there is a time investment. And if you want to do bugs, learning habits and possibly luring techniques is a great help too.

For some practice, try good light and soap bubbles. You can get some amazing stuff.

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