Resolution, Print Size and viewing distance

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Re: Follow-up Experiment with Scanned Hi-res Crops again!

I wish this forum was better read and that more individuals would jump in. I don’t mind being wrong on my speculations but it would be nice if some PhD candidate could set me straight:)

Ha.. to be honest, I woudln't even trust a PhD candidate. This issue is getting very subjective, and if someone jumps in to say they could pick out a 300ppi printed image from a 420ppi image with just their eyes, I wouldn't believe them. The only thing to do really is to set up an experiment with a bunch of prints. For good measure you throw in the same resolution file a few times and make them put them all in order. I'm sure some would put the exact same print not even close to another one that is exactly the same. But I guess like you, I'm also neurotic, and really, what do I gain from convincing others? The only person to convince would be the Epson people since they apparently claim that your input images should be 420ppi for a sharp 8x10... and I don't think I can get a hold of them!

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