Sekonic L-758D problems with reflected spot operation (?)

Started Apr 20, 2010 | Discussions thread
Rogier Bos Regular Member • Posts: 205
Re: Sekonic L-758D problems with reflected spot operation (?)


I have the Sekonic 758DR and am slowly getting to know it. I might be one of those photog's who could have dione with a simpler light meter, but after own a Gossen lightmeter I wanted something more substantial and accurate that I could grow into. Needless to say, I am still trying to grow into it.

I've just tried to replicate your situation, and I get it too. I get out of it though if I just turn the values dial long enough, till I reach a shutter-speed (or aperature if that is what the light meter is set to) that is compatible with regular camera's. In other words: in the reading I just took, at 1/8000s the meter gives me E.U.; ie. no aperature. But now I nturn the dial to 1/4000s, and the meter gives me 0.59 for aperature.

Please excuse me if I have not understood your problem. Otherwise I hope this is helpful.


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