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Re: You forgot the most important and biggest group by far

tompower53 wrote:

That would be the 5 billion other people in the world who are now beginning to be able to afford DSLR type cameras - not sometime in the future - already begun.

Over the next five - ten - twenty years you are talking about many many millions of cameras. I hardly think the DSLR market is saturated as these folks will be just as interested in photography as we are - actually probably many more than you would think as the cameras are much easier to use now days.

If mirrorless cameras' AF performance, lenses, and accessories become good enough for those camera upgraders, why bother getting a larger DSLR? Perhaps some of them are using film SLRs, but many are currently using cellphone/P&S cameras and are used to framing with live view at arms length already. No viewfinder? no problem.

I'm reminded of my father, a Nikon MF SLR user for 3 decades, who switched to 35mm AF P&S cameras as soon as they were good enough for family photos. It was also interesting to look at his Nikon FA which I shot with briefly back then before going to college, with its lovely VF, compact body, and barely a hint of a grip.

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