Olympus Pen E-EP2 Review from DP Review release

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advantages apart from size

Martin Schou wrote:

Am I the only one who is decidedly underwhelmed by the price?

No I agree completely. I think the phrase is "skimming the market" whilst there is little competition in the category of smallish camera with biggish sensor.

Apart from size, what exactly is the advantage to this camera over something like the 550D?

You don't risk having to deal with front focus like this 550D user:

You can mount pretty much any lens, have it stabilised and MF it accurately with a magnified view in the viewfinder. You can shoot video with an eye-level finder (that also tilts). You have live histogram. You can review your shots without taking the camera away from your face.

And is that advantage really worth an extra 200 dollars, when you're at a disadvantage in pretty much every other metric.

I wouldn't pay $1100 for the E-P2, but then I wouldn't pay $900 for the 550D either even though I'm a Canon user.

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Just my two öre,
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