"High" ISO Comparison b/t E-3 + E-30

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Re: Don't put too much faith in DxO mark results

boggis the cat wrote:

thomasnb wrote:

boggis the cat wrote:

Given that nobody can achieve results in line with the DxO mark results they are not of any actual utility to photographers.

In theory, someone could write a RAW conversion that obtained results closer to those indicated as possible by DxO mark -- but there are no such conversions available. This must mean that the software providers are not interested in delivering better results or that the DxO results are not achievable in practice.

I'm not sure what you mean by this. The DxO results are the result of actual measurements from raw files. Obviously, different raw converters will produce different results, but I can't see how that affects the validity of DxO results or their use as a guide to relative performance against some well defined parameters.

Relative performance of what? "RAW image quality", apparently. (Whatever that is supposed to mean.)

Sensor and read electronics, I think is what DxO measures.

DxO have a disclaimer:

" DxOMark Sensor measures only the RAW image quality of a digital camera; therefore, DxOMark Sensor is NOT an evaluation of overall camera image quality or performance."

If you are interested in "overall camera image quality" then DxO mark isn't a lot of use.

Nor, by that argument, is any test data or review, unless it precisely matches your own workflow and use pattern. In the case of any test or review it is necessary to extrapolate the results they get, using their methodology, to your own workflow and use pattern. DxO gives a lot of information about the second step in the image chain (the first step being the lens) to which one has to add some knowledge about the AA filter to undertsnd the real resolution. That's a good fix point. Knowing the a lot about quality of the raw data the rest of the imaging chain has to work with can be a good guide to what you might get out of it, either with your current workflow, or a modification of it.

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