If the e-mount takes off

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If the e-mount takes off

Should Sony dump the entry-level a-mount?

A few reasons

(1) The market is too competitive already.

(2) Too many models confuse customers.

(3) Most of Sony's a-mount lenses are too big and too expensive for people who buy entry-level models. People who buy Zeiss/G lenses either will buy FF or very high end APSC (well over $1000) with these lenses. Who buys $400 DSLR with $1300 70-200 F2.8? CZ 16-80 is well $700 too and will go nicely with A7xx (but not A230).

(4) This will allow Sony to concentrate on just a couple of high end models (saves resources) A full frame and one high-end APSC that replaces A700 and competes with Nikon D300s and Canon 7D).

(5) Entry-level models like Pentax Kx and D5000 are selling under $700 (under $600 for Kx and under $500 for D3000). There is no profit margin for more entry-level a-mount DSLRs. Mirrorless models are cheaper to build and can be priced competitively.

(6) Majority of entry-level users love using LCD to shoot anyway.

Sony is on the right track. Release a couple of compact & cheap e-mount models (Nex 3 (under $600) & Nex 5 (under $800) and one high-end (GH1 size) mirrorless model for enthusiasts Nex 7 (under $1000)

Dump all the entry-level a-mount models except FF and A700 level.

On a positive note: we can finally split the Sony forum too (and we know why that will be such a relief )

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