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Thanks. She knows.

Mark Ehlers wrote:

Mine's a 63 too. It's not easy finding something used in that size. But when you do find one, you can usually get it for a good price because a bike that size isn't easy to sell. I was lucky to find this one.

I took it out for 30 miles today, and I am totally amazed how comfortable the ride is. I've been wanting to find a nice responsive, yet comfortable, frame that I could use for double-centuries. I think I found it in the Felt.

Interesting that tou use your F65 for triathlons, since the guy I bought mine from used it exactly for that! BTW, tell Kate she looks lovely.

sadim1223 wrote:

I've had my F65 (in the 63cm flavor) since 2004. Although a number of components have been upgraded, drivetrain is still original. Its a great frame with a very nice ride. Enjoy.

Here's Kate about to spend the night before the RI Half Ironman.

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