Anyone here shoots wide-angle portraits?

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Re: Anyone here shoots wide-angle portraits?

bluevellet wrote:

I've been considering adding the 9-18mm lens to my collection (would like the 7-14 better, but not at that price). Yeah, I can envision shooting in a small room or in narrow street, but I think I would like it for portraits too. I do like to shoot people at 12mm with the 12-60 lens.

I would certainly like to see examples/samples of people shooting portraits wider than 12mm.

I took this lot of photos with the 9-18mm

They're not really portraits in the way you would expect wedding portraits to be (for example). But I found this lens to be the right choice for the environment.

I have actually taken random portrait shots while I was testing my FL36R with the 9-18mm and found the results to be a lot better than I expected.

I think if you use the distortion from the lens to your advantage then you can make some really unique shots, as some other people have done in their examples posted here.


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