Do you really know your Camera?

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Re: Do you really know your Camera?

To me, it's not so much about knowing every intimate detail of my camera but more to do with how the camera helps me. I'm no 'artist', but have absolutely enjoyed the creative world that this hobby/passion has brought to me. I may never entirely master my present model of camera body, nor do I really care. It has a multitude of features that I have been waiting a lifetime to have. It has great still-frame and video capabilities that allow me to go beyond the features of the previous 50D camera I owned. New camera bodies challenge me to learn their features and how to exploit them, allowing me to grow from and improve from this.

The advent of the modern DSLR has significantly changed photography much like the first Kodak Instamatic, ... affordable high quality digital SLR photography for the general population.

Regardless of my skill level, if I could afford it, I'd buy the MkIV and if I had even more financial abilities, a medium format camera...

Adam Filipowicz wrote:

So now i wonder, how well do you really know your camera, do your skills with your current body justify an upgrade?

I know you want it. but do you really need it??

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