Everyone should consider having at least one good prime lens

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Whatever fits you best!

To be honest, "discovering" primes has been the most satisfying photographic experience I have had since a long time... although I'm sure that using them with the D700 helped a lot.

My point is this: a zoom, in my experience, lends itself to too many ugly shots; I always try to "fit" a situation into a photograph, no matter wether it's beautiful or not. I clunk around zooming in and out, until I "find" a focal that is better, that turns a boring view into something appealing for 5 seconds, and snap. And then, I delete the picture at home 99% of the cases...

Primes (actually, a 28) have made me feel free and relaxed as never before: I walk around, and my attention can be focused easily. Something either fits in 28 (if that's what I'm using) or not. It's that simple...

So easy, that I lose at last the kierkagaardian "anguish of the possibility for the possibility": too many overwhelming choices. I just trod around, and look for things that fit in 28mm, instead of looking everywhere because potentially everything or almost fits in a 18-200.
A shorter zoom is similar, at the end of the day...

My take and my experience, that's all. Corroborated by the fact that whenever I use zooms, I almost always end up usinge them at one end or the other (70 or 200, for instance, or 28 or 75), almost never in the middle.

For a serious shooting where time is of the essence, nothing will prevent me from grabbing a zoom; but for my own pleasure, primes are the best thing since sliced bread... and they make even the D700 look portable

Now... problem with them is this: with zooms, you eye a 14-24, a 24-70 and a 70-200 and you're finished. With primes... there is always some long forgotten gem to be found, or a new unparalleled lens to have at all costs (Voigtlaender 20 3.5 anyone?


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