Have a K-7, getting Nikon D40...

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Re: Have a K-7, getting Nikon D40...

Gazooma wrote:

The Pentax 100 macro may be weathered sealed but it is not the same as the Nikon 105mm macro.

Not exactly, but it's reasonable close. You are of course right to point out the reason the Nikon version is more expensive. But your claim that Pentax lenses are unreasonably expensive in general just doesn't hold water, and this example is but one case in point. Roland listed more, and I listed others too. Basically, your claim is demonstratably false except with respect to maybe two or three lenses 0 for the rest, Pentax is price about the same, or is significantly cheaper, or there is just no comparison at any price.

I use what little I have to tell the whole truth

If only that were the case, people wouldn't be on your case. But it is you that constantly distorts the truth when others are trying to be more objective. Like your count of only 2 wide angle lenses for Pentax, or the incorrect read of the angle of view of the various lenses (and I note you've still never acknowledged those blatant untruths or apologized for the ridicule you unfairly heaped on me when I call you on those untruths). In this case, the completely unsubstantiated (and in fact mostly false) claim that Pentax lenses are unusually expensive is yet another example of your failure to even comes close to telling "the whole truth". For all your posturing, you consistently miss that goal by more than any other poster I've ever seen on this forum.

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