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Re: Hi Gazooma

Hi Audiobomber!

Pretty spot on description but when dealing with Gazooma the best referral about his behavior is in this memorable thread:


He was so convinced that "645" means 60 by 45 mm image size that it took 3 or 4 people to convince him otherwise. When confronted with the evidence he said:

"Kikool. You got me there. So, 645 was not 645, and they cheated even in the film days."

Was his anti Pentax wrath over with this jewel of wisdom? Nah, he still found time to get aggressive at Roland:

"Not misleading to you Roland Mabo, as you seem to know so much and are so close to Pentax." Here he actually has a point because he (Gazooma) is the exact opposite of that: he knows so little and is so far from Pentax.

Then found the time to address in the 29th or so post of the thread what was made clear in the very second by someone else and said again in numerous other posts.

Conveniently left unanswered a direct question about his hands on experience with MF cameras (even though lol101 bumped the question ).

Got abusive with two other posters who called him on the 60x45 mm fiasco:

"Neither you, maximillan nor narddogg seem very bright. Can't you understand what I was saying, even though I made a typo. If someone make a "645" camera and call it a medium format camera because it has a 645 mount from some genuine 645 camera, but gives you a sensor measuring 28 x 40mm sensor, or perhaps one that is just a tiny bit larger than a full-frame camera, then is it not misleading? Is that clear now? You comprehend?"

Of course all because he's not a fanboy all of the about have nothing to do with his level of knowledge and manners. Speaking of which I think I need a longer PENTAX macro lens to assess the named "level of his knowledge".


audiobomber wrote:

Gazooma wrote:

There are also a few more here who tried to balance comments here a bit, but who get bashed when they do.

LOL! You get bashed because you litter the board with half-truths, misinformation and opionion stated as fact. Remember how you went on and on about the Olympus 9-18 being wider than the Pentax 12-24, when they cover the exact same fov? What about repeatedly claiming the Sigma 10-20 has a fov of 100 degrees, even after it was pointed out to you that the fov was measured on a Sigma camera with a smaller sensor?

You don't know much about Pentax or about photography in general, so you try to be important by constantly bashing Pentax on the Pentax board. That doesn't make you important, it just makes you a garden variety troll.

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