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Re: SDM issue

I did not wrote that users comes to this forum just to complain about SDM issues.

What I did write is that this forum tends to see the bad things, not the good. This is not related to just SDM, but in general.

What I mean is that this is a problem oriented forum. Many writes about problems here, about their bad experience - much more so than about their good experience. Now, the bad experience can be about everyting. A lens, a misplaced button, a failed repair, a product not meeting expectations - whatever.

When you buy something and it doesn't work, then you are more likely to come to this forum and write about it - than if the product was meeeting your expectations. This is how we humans functions - we get irritated and upset when something is not working so we write off our anger. When something is working, most of us are simply enjoying the product rather than praising it in this forum.

So, because of this there is an unbalance between the negative and the positive experiencies. There are more postings about problems than about things working good.

Not because most users has problems, but because those who has are writing here about their experience more than those without problems are writing about their experience.

Now, a new user coming here and see lots of messages about complaints and gets afraid of using the product because he gets the impression - from this forum - that most users are unhappy, angry and in general very frustrated.

When most users are actually happy enjoying their equipment, but only a few of them comes here to write about their joy so it is hard to see it.

Therefore I say it is vital for a balance in a forum like this, that also write about the positive experience, to balance up all those negative postings that only shows one side of things.

Pentax makes thousands of samples every month. If most users (worldwide, outside this forum) were so frustrated, angry and upset and clearly unhappy, as so many are in this forum, then Pentax would sell no products at all.

But most users are in fact happy, even if you get an impression of something else when you read this forum.

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