Silencing the critics of the 550

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Gene Tenold wrote:

in my own opinion I do not think they can beat Canon or Nikon because simply of their following, name, and sales people pushing the 2.

But I do believe they could take a big chunk of their share of sales. My hope is that if, or when they come out with the a700 replacement, they would keep the all the features and body the same, but add the a550 sensor and all it's features into the new a7xx, and I would buy it in a heart beat
Just my opinion

I'm not saying Sony have to beat Canikon..and no they probably cannot even if they wanted to. But they can at least try to hurt them..and meet the needs of their current user base. I wonder how many might drift away from A mount this year with interesting bodies thin on the ground?

Sony at the moment are avoiding a fight..and that's kinda silly. Dancing around the ring ducking the punches. People respect it if you at least go out there and fight..try your best win or lose.

I just can't understand this avoidance issue. Surely if you don't compete it's pointless being in the DSLR business?

Pentax have no hope of beating Canikon..but they at least try to release good products!

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