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SDM issue

Hi Roland,

Roland Mabo wrote:

I have a SDM lens - a 17-70 f/4 SDM - and it works just fine. No problem.

I don't see SDM to be "an issue". There have been some reports of failure, but they have mostly been the 16-50 f/2.8, and in a few cases the 50-135. Those has double AF systems, and are two of Pentax most popular zooms. Pentax makes many thousands of them each month. Being so popular, there are some samples that are not working as good as others. This happens with other brands also. There exist USM failures at Canon too.

There are many with those lenses without problems, but in forums like this it is common to only see the bad and not the good.

This is not to argue and add oil to the fire of the already heated discussion but I simply do not agree on the above statement that is admittedly a common misconception on this forum.

It's true we don't have exact numbers from Pentax service to tell how bad is the SDM issue. However, people who reported SDM problem on this forum are in a large part people who were active on the forum BEFORE the SDM lenses were even released and not people who were brought here by the problem. It follows that the claim that the issue is artificially blown out of proportion because people tend to come to forum to complain rather than praise is FALSE.

If you take a number of forum members who reported BUYING an SDM lense in the first place and only later reported that a problem occured, you get a reliable statistical estimate of the problem. I haven't done such a survey but what I can tell from pretty frequent lurking on this forum, many "Pentax veterans" reported a problem (order of tens per hundred rather than a few per thousnad).



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