canon canon eos/ef/efs to m4/3 adapter with electronics?

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Re: canon canon eos/ef/efs to m4/3 adapter with electronics?

The EOS protocol is known in detail (I've seen it described on the web).

The 4/3rds and µ4/3rds protocols are not publicly known. There was some Russian who managed to figure out how focal length is reported from the lenses, and was able to make a chip to be used on converters for MF lenses to make IS work well (before Oly issued an FW feature to let users input the FL of such lenses) and also focus confirmation and EXIF data.

But the other aspects of the protocol are not cracked yet, to my knowledge.

If they could get aperture control to work, that would be very convenient.

AF is probably much harder and much less useful; note that CD-AF is unbearably slow even on Canon's own DSLRs and that Panasonic only support CD-AF for a select number of µ43 lenses.

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