D300S + 85 1.4 = Portraits

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OldPic wrote:

I really liked the processing that you did in this picture.

I used CNX2 to apply global sharpening and local sharpening in the eyes.

If it is not ask too much, could you tell me what did you do in Photoshop?
(I am giving my first steps in Photoshop)

No problem.

Here's what I did .... took me about 5 minutes.

1. I thought the shot was too bright, so I lowered the brightness in curves by simply pulling the line downwards. (Image=> Adjustments=> Curves) . I dropped it slightly more than I would otherwise, but I had an idea of other adjustments I was wanting to try on the picture. You could also do the same thing with going to Brightness/Contrast.

2. Increased the sharpness using Unsharp Mask. I used setting of 150%, Radius 1.0 pixel, and Threshold of 0. (Filter=> Sharpness=> Unsharp Mask).

The next adjustments I did using Color Efex Pro 3. You can do a free download from the Nik Software site and use it, fully functional, for 15 days. I use their PS plug-in version ... the previews within the Photoshop program seem to work better than in their NX2 version. Plus all their online lessons and classes use the Photoshop version.

3. Going to Color Efex Pro 3 in Photoshop (Filter=> Nik Software=> Color Efex Pro 3). I first used their Dynamic Skin Softening filter. For the color sample I wanted to smooth, I used the eyedropper tool someplace on her face. I don't think I made any adjustments to the other settings for that filter. Click OK and it takes me back to Photoshop.

4. Go back to Color Efex Pro 3. Next, I used the Glamour Glow filter in Color Efex Pro 3. Using the default settings was a little too intense, so I played around with the sliders to get the effect that seemed to look good. Clicked OK.

5. Last time, went back to Color Efex Pro 3. I used Darken/Lighten Center. I placed the center on her nose, and then made adjustments to the sliders until I was happy with it. Clicked OK.

And that was it. I played around with your other outside shots, using pretty much the same filters. I didn't save them. I thought they looked pretty good. Glamour Glow seemed to be an option that you might leave out, depending on your tastes.

Hope that helps.

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