Have a K-7, getting Nikon D40...

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Re: Have a K-7, getting Nikon D40...

I have explained that many times on this forum, seems like I have to do it again (it was just two weeks since last time)...

I have collected information about Pentax since the late 80's, joining discussions and getting in contact with other users through mailing lists and discussions groups that pre-dates this forum. This has created a network and sometimes I get information through this network from "people that knows". I don't want to be more specific about this, since they wants to be unofficial and anonymous, so I have to be vague about those sources and I won't comment upon it further.

When Pentax was not owned by Hoya, more information "got through" than what is coming today. So I have not been as active with this as much as I used to do pre the Hoya ownership. Hoya has simply "weather sealed" the company, not just the products. Still, it can happen that information slips through even this "sealing", but not as informative or in-depth as before, so it doesn't feel as fun as it used to be.

About the "K-5" - I have written that there is a new DSLR coming with tentative name "K-5" that is between K-x and the K-x (or the coming K-7 update/replacement). I have also written that I have no information about technical details, price or even release date. So I have only the name and that it is coming.
Not much, really, no big secrets in there.

I did not write that it will be released in September, I have said "after the summer" and I have told about Pentax having new products to be showned at the Photokina show in September. Most likely the "K-5" is to be showned there, but I have no exact date or month when it will be out in the shops.

So, this small amount of information piece that aren't even a big secret, where does it comes from? I did answer this in my first posting here about the "K-5" - the information comes from a sales representative of the local distributor where I live. They visit shops here from time to time. I believe he told this information to create a better deal, to assure "new things are coming, so buy a Pentax now". And honestly, the information told was not that big of a secret. I mean, no technical specification, no price, not even a release date.

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