Have a K-7, getting Nikon D40...

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Re: Have a K-7, getting Nikon D40...

Gazooma wrote:

You made me laugh.

I am happy to have made your laugh.

This is an insult also to everyone here.

That you are laughing?

A sample of 4 lenses for each brand, selected by you, proves that you are right > about Pentax prices being lower?

I did not write that Pentax prices are being lower. I wrote, and now I quote myself:

"In most cases, Pentax and Nikon lenses are similar or close in price. For some lenses, Nikon is much more expensive."

and matching lenses that are clearly different, e.g. the Nikon 105mm with VR and > silent drive that is not in the Pentax lens in your "proof".

They are both f/2.8 Macro lenses with similar focal lengths. Pentax and Nikon has many lenses that are different in terms of weather sealing, AF drive, materials in use, etc - so it is very hard to find lenses that are exactly the same.

And this is the same for you also.

You can't find those exact matches yourself either, so you therefore has no proof to your claim that "Pentax is unresonable priced".

What I did was pick up some lenses that were as close as possible and I choosed a sensible and usable setup covering wide angle to tele plus a macro lens.

And with logic like some aluminium material and weather proofing being more > expensive than a silent drive and VR? OMG, you are funny.

I did not write that aluminum and wether sealing are more expensive than silent drive and VR. What I did write was, and I quote myself: "The Pentax 100 Macro is a lens made of aluminium, same material as used in the DA Limiteds. Now, aluminium is quite an expensive material - at least compared to stainless steel. So Pentax uses an expensive metal for the lens, this adds cost.
Weather sealing also adds cost, it does not come for free.

It is true that VR adds cost also. So both lenses has features that adds cost. Still the Nikon is more expensive than Pentax and by quite a large margin"

So, both lenses has features that adds price to the lens - and still the Nikon is much more expensive.

Now, in what way is the Pentax "unreasonable priced" because of the Nikon being much more expensive?

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