Have a K-7, getting Nikon D40...

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Re: Have a K-7, getting Nikon D40...

Roland Mabo wrote:

It is true that I have written that you spread misinformation when you have gotten the facts wrong, because you have indeed gotten the facts wrong sometimes. It is not my fault that you sometimes gets the facts wrong.

I see two main problems with many of your post -
1. You write specific claims, that are not backed up by facts.
2. You write your personal opinion and calls it to be the truth.

And I challenge you when you do this, and when I challenge you - you get personal.

Now, if you can't handle to have your "truth" challenged then I question your participation in this forum.

You are the one who should be questionned about your participation in this forum, if it is just to hide the truth, criticise and try to discredit anyone saying anything negative about Pentax, and mislead people coming to this forum to seek information about Pentax, people who are going to spend lots of money and get stuck in a system and who trusted advice in this forum, and if you, though very knowledgeable, continue to use that to distort, misinform, and confuse for the purpose of showing Pentax cameras or lenses to be the ones to get even when you are well aware of some of their weaknesses and disadvantages. You have been consistent in doing this and that must be seen as behaviour that brings disrepute to this forum and therefore you should be banned. Are you employed by Pentax or by some company with an active interest in Pentax sales and monitor this forum, criticise others for saying negative things, etc for some commercial reason? Is that not against the rules of this forum? What you have done is clearly shown in countless posts from you, and they are available for review and should show very clearly that you are not participating in a manner that is desirable.

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