Have a K-7, getting Nikon D40...

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Roland Mabo Forum Pro • Posts: 12,462
Re: Labnut

Dear Roger,

You are free to express your criticism here, but it must be valid.

Your attempt of creating an "anti-cult" thread by attacking me for not posting images, failed because you missed one fundamental thing - to check your facts before posting. Your attack therefore missed the target completely.
It is not our fault, it is your fault.

Please avoid making personal attacks, this is a forum for discussing Pentax SLR's and related subjects. I don't find you contributing to the discussions on this theme.

Now, was my non-existing images interesting for yout? I don't claim them to be masterpieces, but I personally found them enjoyable to not-make . I will keep on not-doing images and post the result here for you to not see them.

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